A Word to the Wise – Book Review

I received this book from Yvonne herself in exchange for an honest review! Thank you dear!

612O-nI5N6LFirst let me tell you a little bit about Yvonne (Faith) Russell. She is a writer, editor, dancer, teacher, and choreographer with a Bachelors degree – summa cum laude – with a major in dance and a double minor in English and creative writing.

I don’t normally read nonfiction, but this one sounded so perfect – a guide of wisdom for/from a 22 year old grad. Why is this perfect for me? Because I just so happen to be a 22 year old grad!

When I received this book I was excited to see what inspiring information I was about to read, and even more thrilled when I opened the book to find that it wasn’t filled page to page with text – but was filled with beautiful graphics and small, shorter blurbs of useful information.

Though the book is small it is still 87 pages long and has 7 different chapters that covers the topics of general life, finances, health and beauty, guys and being single, family and friends, and more.

I cannot express enough how perfect this book is. From the beautiful graphics on each and every page to the small but perfect amount of writing that gets the information across without being overbearing. This book is so perfect for any woman who needs some inspiration or guiding words of wisdom. While this book is marketed towards women in their early 20s/graduates, anyone can read this and get some really beautiful and useful information out of it.

Thank you so much Yvonne for sending me a copy of your work – I had no idea how much I would love it!

“Your life does not start when you graduate, find your person, or get married! Life is happening right now!”


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